Essays, poem, etc.

March 31, 2009

I’ve been working on some prose, though I think I’m done with that for a little while. Here is an essay on the Poetry Foundation website, which has generated a fair amount of commentary, some of it thoughtful and some of it of course par for the internet wacko course. And here is an essay I wrote for, about of all things the Passover Seder plate. That just goes to show you something, I’m not sure what.

And here is a new poem on, including audio — I wrote it for my beloved niece, who recently went from being an only child to an older sister, with all the concomitant benefits and sorrows.

One of the comments on the PF piece asks me why I don’t write reviews. I used to, and will post some of the longer and more interesting pieces here at some point in the near future. As always I really appreciate everyone reading my work.