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September 6, 2009

So, I’m headed to NY for a couple of fun things.

First, a reading for Paragraph, at Clay Spa, with Timothy Donnelly and Darin Strauss, at 8pm on Friday, September 11th, for details click here.

And then, more strangely, a panel on that Sunday the 13th at the Brooklyn Book Festival, moderated by Touré, with Tracie Morris, Thurston Moore, and Lupe Fiasco. We will probably talk about skateboarding, rhyme, Rakeem, alternate tunings … actually I have no idea. Here are the specifics about the panel, which is on Sunday at noon:

12:00 P.M. Poetry, Pop, and Hip-Hop. A panel discussing how poets, songwriters, and rappers push language in new and essential ways. Featuring Lupe Fiasco, Thurston Moore, Tracie Morris and Matthew Zapruder, moderated by Touré.

For the official Facebook site with info, click here. If you’re in NY, come say hi!


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