Summer in SF

July 14, 2010

Whew, back from many travels, to Mexico, Palm Springs, Amherst, Paris, Berlin. Played a show in Easthampton with The Figments, saw so many of my beloved friends and admired writers at the Juniper, hung out with my pals in Paris, completely fell in love (weirdly) with Berlin.

Here’s one picture from Paris, of Satie’s house:

Now we are back for a couple of months, just reading and writing. Our garden is gorgeous and we have so far eaten kale, beans, squash, beets and carrots from it:

People have been super nice about the title poem of the new book (though please buy it from your local bookstore in September!) in Paris Review. Poems are out or forthcoming in Poetry and The Believer, but really I am just looking forward to getting back to my daily writing practice. My friend Damian and I are going to start assigning each other little writing exercises a couple of days a week, maybe I will post some of my results on this here blog.

And already I am excited to be teaching at Berkeley in the fall, I will be back in the very same building, Wheeler Hall, where I was a grad student T.A. in Slavic Languages and Literatures in the 90’s. I used to go see readings in the enigmatically named Maude Fife Room in Wheeler — I particularly remember different times seeing Milosz, Pinsky, and Hass read there, and dreaming of being a poet. I’ll be reading there in the fall, how strange, I suspect I will have a lot of feelings, gratitude as well as a little sad nostalgia definitely among them.