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December 25, 2010

in amazing company on NPR

Some New Lynx

December 18, 2010

Hi Friends!! I am working on new poems and some critical prose. If I come up with anything good I will let you know. Thanks and happy holidays to everyone, some news and reviews and poems and links to things:

• the first edition of the book is almost sold out, CCP is reprinting but you can still get it from Small Press Distribution here.

• Publishers Weekly sez the book is one of the top five of the year (scroll down as usual for poetry)

• what a nice review, he sighed, in a typically melancholy and grateful manner

hoot! hoot!

• new poem that tells you what day it is

• taking care of business, every day

• I heart rhyme

• and the great writer Steve Almond’s bad poetry

• and the staff of the poetry foundation

• don’t paraphrase

• I love how you love me canada!

• audio pocket

• come on all you excerpts of longer poems

• some more audio of me talking crazy!

Wordsworth slowly spinning in his grave

• I think this is a nice review even though it seems to be saying that I am old and tired

• and fixated

• the grey lady writes about people who write poetry!

• this is an incredibly nice and thoughtful review

• as is this one, probably the best

• sprechen zie deutsch?

• in this interview I talk about Coleridge, translation, and crying

• in this one I talk about Moneyball, windows, and ephemeral nature situations

• PBS Newsflash you stupid Fox news assfaces, global warming is real!

surrealism is old so everybody should get some

• if after all this you have a desire to study poetry with me

• last but not least, listen to the Figments sing about this fleeting life

this is Larry Eigner’s royal typewriter, I have several very much like it but this is a beautiful one and he was truly a great poet: