June 16, 2011

really looking forward as I do every year to being at the Juniper Summer Writing Institute … click here for a list of amazing readings, all of which are open to the public on the UMass campus. If you are in the Amherst area next week come say hi!

Going back to Amherst makes me miss the Valley, my friends, music, tragic harmless mistakes, School Street, the Bay State Hotel, R.I.P., cider donuts, benevolent graves.

And coming back home makes me glad. Back in SF, there’s going to be a party at Heart (a fantastic wine bar) in the Mission on July 18th for issue 3 of the great new magazine California Northern. I’ll be reading along with some other great people.

I didn’t put it up here but an electronic chapbook was just published of some recent work, it’s called The Odyssey and you can read it for free here.

Other things that seem good to me recently: The SF Giants and the Red Sox both in first place.

*Oh, and this is awesome, please send your photos of people reading poetry books to the Wave Poetry Summer Reading Project.