Dear Readers,

We’re writing to let you know about an exciting new project related to, but separate from, Wave Books. The Bagley Wright Lecture Series, founded by Wave Publisher Charlie Wright, and directed by Wave Editor-at-Large Matthew Zapruder.

The BWLS seeks to provide leading, mid-career poets with the opportunity to explore in depth their own thinking on the subject of poetry and poetics, and to deliver lectures at esteemed institutions across the country.

A number of the lecturers chosen thus far are Wave authors—the inaugural BWLS lecturer was Dorothea Lasky; upcoming lecturers include Joshua Beckman, Timothy Donnelly, Terrance Hayes, Srikanth Reddy, and Rachel Zucker.

We’d like to invite you to join the mailing list for the BWLS, so Charlie and Matthew can periodically let you know about upcoming lectures, as well as posted audio and video, and eventual release of the lectures in book form. Please click here to join – they’d love to keep you updated on all the exciting things that are happening with the BWLS.

To learn more about the Bagley Wright Lecture Series, and to see the calendar of events, please visit the BWLS website.

your friends at Wave Books